Levuur is actively involved in facilitating this process. Thorough preparation is essential when shaping and implementing a new approach. Levuur not only monitors processes, but also the fine detail of outcomes.Levuur designs bespoke programmes, rather than ‘applying methodologies’. Each individual process demands a client-specific design. Levuur combines a tailor-made approach with an in-depth knowledge of industry methods, gained through experience, training and by keeping abreast of current thinking.


Levuur is a team of 9 experienced advisors, each of whom has delivered groundbreaking, inspirational participation processes in their own field at both local and international level.

Why choose Levuur 

  • participation is what binds and excites us, it is our driving force and our greatest passion
  • our collective knowledge and experience make Levuur stand out as an innovative and energetic participation specialist
  • our advisors draw on a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in a wide range of sectors and environments
  • our passion for cross-pollination, innovation and transition leads to tangible results